lundi 20 janvier 2020


"hello all,

2020 will be my 30th years of composing music and many exciting things are already planned over the year starting with :
- my new record, a QR code record without record limited edition at 120 copies, "ANTIPODES", my new 69 minutes opera for voices (Joël Hubaut - who also wrote the text -, Dorothy Iannone and Loré Lixenberg), dead electronics and video (distributed by Les Presses du Réel / Souffle Continu / Lecointre et Drouet)
- mentions of my artist book "Musique Pédagogique" in the ZKM "Sound Art" Anthology (MIT, 2020)
- and the good news of the Beinecke Library (Yale University) purchasing 4 multiples, 25 CDs, 3 DVDs, 1 hybrid record and 6 books

more detailed news on

all best, F"